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    President - Jessica Cockrell
    Financial Officer - Jamie Appling
    First Vice President - Casey Craig
    Second Vice President - Gunnar Davis
    Secretary - Madeleine Slator
    Bradley Stehno
    Casey Wells
    Allan Wiesner
    John Harborth
    Monika Musgrove
    Kassie Cerny
    Kaycie Brown
    Camden Green
    Frank Valdez
    Laura Bacak
    Interim Executive Director - Kelly Balthrop
  • The El Campo Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, formed in 1928, is a voluntary organization of citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program - working together to improve the quality of life in El Campo. Today, this organization is composed of more than 500 members working for the good of the community. Any citizen who is interested in helping to develop the area (which means more money, more business, more jobs, and better living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture. The dues structure is designed to permit every business or individual to be a member. The work of the Chamber is financed by the investment of the members who support it and special events. The Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is composed of you, the membership, committee workers, directors, and officers who serve on a voluntary basis. The Chamber President and staff devote their full time to the Chamber as the only paid employees. The Mission Statement of the EL CAMPO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & AGRICULTURE "creating prosperity for the El Campo business community".

    Because the Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture unifies the public spirit of my community and directs it into useful and constructive channels. Because I have a business at stake in the community, which can be best, safeguarded by working with others through the Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture to protect and advance all business. Because my support is "plowed back" to yield many benefits in new industry, increased payroll, health, safety, legislation, business protection, and community advancement. Because the Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture cannot carry out its broad program of work to protect and advance business without personal service and financial support. Because through the Chamber, I can best discharge my obligations to this community in which I live and earn my living. I realize that every person owes a debt to the community that cannot be paid in taxes - a debt of personal service. Because an active membership in my Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture carries with it a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction from the knowledge that I am doing my share of an important job. Although everyone in the community benefits from the work of the Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, I can accept those benefits with a sense of pride ONLY if I have had a part in bringing them about.

    The El Campo Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is a service institution and an action oriented organization. It provides a medium through which people can take effective action for the progress of the community. It helps create job opportunities through stimulation of industrial and commercial and retail growth. It seeks the improvement of community facilities: streets, highways, parks and schools. It brings tour groups, conventions, sales meetings and gatherings to the city. In all of these functions, the Chamber is serving as a partner with every business and organization in the area.

    The Chamber functions through the working committees of the organization. Money, planning, inspiration, and guidance are useless unless the members work vigorously on the committees of their choice. Careful study is made of the community needs and an action blueprint - the Program of Work - is designed. Every member has a voice in determining the policies and projects and every member is needed to work on active committees to get the job done.

    By attending our membership appreciation functions By joining and becoming active on a Chamber committee or as a volunteer. Let's visit about becoming a Chamber Ambassador!

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