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    City of El Campo
    Job Description

    Job Summary: 

    The City Secretary is responsible for performing administrative duties in direct support of the City Manager and ensures the provision of clerical and administrative support to the City Council and various boards and commissions.  Handles a broad scope of proprietary and confidential information.  Administers a records management program for official City records and serves as custodian of the official records and City seal.  Serves as the liaison between the City Manager and City Council and conducts all elections.


    Principle Job Duties: 


    •Oversee the preparation, publication, codification and filing of legal notices and ordinances in accordance with established procedures and legal requirements.
    •Serve as custodian of official City records and performs the official certification and recording for the City as required on legal documents and any other records requiring such certification; attests and records all applicable vital statistics.

    •Attend and tape records regular and special Council meetings as well as the meetings of Boards and Commissions.

    •Prepare necessary minutes of meetings for City records.

    •Review agendas and supporting documents (such as ordinances, resolutions, agreements and staff reports) from each department for the agenda packets to ensure they are prepared properly and accurate prior to final distribution to the Mayor, City Manager and others.

    •Ensure that all required meeting notices are posted in a timely manner in accordance with the 72 hour open meetings act time period.

    Ensure that all official documents approved by City Council are fully executed in a prompt manner and filed accordingly in the City records.

    •Ensure that all notification processes related to annexation or other official actions by City Council are carried out in accordance with the statutory requirements.

    •Ensure that all public notices are properly published and documentation is maintained to show compliance for any public bid process.

    •Oversee records management for the City assuring compliance with retention and destruction process as well as ensuring all documents are image<

    •Review and attest to the Mayor’s signature on all contracts and agreements.

    •Maintain confidential working relationship with the Council and provides members with information, clerical, research or other services on a regular basis.

    •Oversee oath of office procedures, notary public and voter registration services.

    •Coordinate local elections.

    •Ensure that all Council and Board & Commission members are updated on the Open Meetings Act Training Compliance.

    •Responds to requests for information from the City staff and the general public

    •Provide secretarial/clerical support to the City Manager

    Publication Date/Time:
    2017-02-10 12:00:00
    Closing Date/Time:
    2017-03-10 12:00:00

    Job Qualifications:

    •High School Diploma or GED.
    •Thorough knowledge of municipal administration, city laws and operation.
    •Extensive knowledge of parliamentary procedures and state laws relating to conduct of Council meetings.
    •Thorough knowledge of state and local regulations as they pertain to voter registration and election procedures, open public meetings act, licensing of general businesses and various miscellaneous licenses.
    •Thorough knowledge of public records administration, legal process and management.
    •Knowledge of the principles and practices of office management and work organization.
    •Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
    •Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, other employees and the general public.
    •Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgement in the coordination of local elections and City record keeping.

    Job application available at: http://cityofelcampo.org/job_details.php?id=46

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